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Our audio Evidence At Tabernacle

Investigator Ron experiments with the ghost box asking to let us know someones there. He recieves a quick responce. "yeah! are you here?"

   In this clip you will here investigator Ron talking. He says "ok thats intresting." Immediately following that you will here a disembodied voice whisper "yes". 

Covington Jail Evp

Okay This Evp was recorded with the help of Mr french of Newton Police Dept thanks for the help i will ask the question do you remeber mr french and you will hear a YES!!! when i ask do you like us in your cell you Hear a loud Hiss just listin thanks and enjoy..                                                                       

Test With Px ovilus at covington cemtery.

Very smart spirts alot of talkin not 45 mins in to investigation this is what we got enjoy. Also Note the spirt did say parnormal which is kewl becuase it read my shirt also its not that i was worryied about the spirt but demands are not a good thing sometimes so we took no chances with the worst. I think that this is some good evp work and great edvedince of paranormal activty thanks agin for listining.

Evp form Newton co home.

these are a couple of evps from home in one of them you can hear a Yes!!. Like something is answerin us. the other one is with the ghost box heat,log,in hear maybe askin us to do that. The next one was scary says DEMON,SENT,UNDER. you be the judge.

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