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Sorrel weed house

Posted by Donald Monroe on September 29, 2010 at 1:42 PM Comments comments (0)

So We went to savannah ga this place is rich with paranormal activty i mean they got a graveyard on top of a park lol the me that spells paranormal activty will we go back Yes we will maybe for two or three days becuase of the size of this place. Okay the house it's self i think its got paranormal activty T.A.P.S went there and got good stuff we did to in the long run we need more time maybe over night to get the best out of it for now we can say yes somethings there what we dont know more to come thanks for reading.

Covington Cemetery

Posted by Donald Monroe on July 21, 2010 at 8:43 PM Comments comments (4)

      After being granted permission by the city council of Covington to conduct a paranormal investigation in the Covington cemetery located off of conyers street, the members of NPS load up and venture into this massive graveyard. The team had to split into two groups just to cover the sheer size of this place.

     The investigation lasted two hours and the equipment used consisted of two camcorders, three EVP recorders, two EMF detectors and two digital cameras. Nothing seemed strange during the investigation until the team headed to the mousoleum. We asked for any sign before leaving, a knock, a scream, move something, or to talk into our recorders. Just as we asked there were two loud knocks on the wall next to co-founder of NPS Donald Monroe. We gathered up our stuff and left. Upon reviewing the recordings something turned up that we couldn't believe! Donnie had cought something.

      Donnie's EVP recorder caught what sounded like a person walking in either high heels or boots down one of the roads within the cemetery. It was as if he were being followed. You can even hear where it steps off into the grass... Was it a spirit visiting its own body? Later, yet again, Donnie caught the two knocks from in the mousoleum and a voice saying "get me outta here"... I'm begining to think this ghost may like our friend Donnie. So-The big question remains. Do we believe Covington Cemetery to be haunted? We' re afraid to say that with what evidence we captured that it is inconclusive. But if given the opportunity to return who knows....

Covington Ga Cemetery Approval

Posted by Donald Monroe on June 20, 2010 at 4:56 PM Comments comments (0)

Posted: 9:57 PM Jun 8, 2010

City Council OKs hike to water fees

Officials approve investigation of paranormal activity at cemetery

The City Council approved an increase in water and sewer rates Monday night. Officials said the increase is in response to a hike in the wholesale cost of water by Newton County.

Reporter: By Crystal Tatum, Staff Reporter

Email Address: [email protected]


Story 0 Comments Font Size: COVINGTON — The City Council approved an increase in water and sewer rates Monday night. Officials said the increase is in response to a hike in the wholesale cost of water by Newton County.

Now, the minimum charge for up to the first 3,000 gallons of water used has increased from $13.80 to $15.18. For additional usage of 3,001 to 50,000 gallons of water, the charge was increased to $4.84 cents from $4.40 per 1,000 gallons. For usage above 50,000 gallons, the charge will be $5.04, up from $4.58, per 1,000 gallons.

In addition, the charge for sanitary sewer service would be $6 per 1,000 gallons, which represents a 25 percent increase. Currently the city charges 110 percent of the water rate for sewer service.

According to Public Works Director Billy Bouchillon, taking into account the proposed increase in wholesale water costs by the county, the increasing cost of operations and a decline in water and sewer tap fee revenues, the city would have lost an estimated $2 million in the coming budget year. With the changes, the city still stands to lose an estimated $750,000, he said.

City officials increased rates last year as well, citing an increase in wholesale water costs.

The rate increase was approved 4-1, with Councilwoman Hawnethia Williams opposed. Councilwoman Janet Goodman was absent.

In other news, the council agreed to allow the Newton Paranormal Society to investigate paranormal activity at Covington Cemetery off Davis Street.

According to City Manager Steve Horton, members of the society have had reports of sightings of ghosts of Confederate soldiers there.

They will be required to keep off grave sites and conduct their investigations from the roadways in the cemetery. They will also be required to notify the police department before conducting the investigation.

According to the group’s Website, they use digital cameras, voice recorders, electromagnetic field detectors and white noise filters to determine if paranormal activity is occurring. They review evidence gathered from the devices along with documented personal experiences to make a determination.

“I don’t think we’ll probably have any objections from the residents, so I recommend we approve this,” said Councilman Mike Whatley.

The motion was approved 3-2 with Williams and Councilman Chris Smith opposed.

Oakland Cemetary

Posted by Donald Monroe on May 22, 2010 at 7:52 PM Comments comments (1)

           It's too bad this place is located in Atlanta. There's just too much noise going on around and if I were a spirit there I'd be resentful, pissed, or just wouldn't stick around. After two visits to this wonderous place it seemed deserted, but, we were proven wrong. After reviewing our evidence there is something here. Random EVP's and one direct response to a question. Our two best pieces of evidence has to be the picture of the apparition in the second story window of the white building located near the center of the graveyard and a long EVP sounding like a person whistling a tune. Theres no explaination for this because there was nobody around but us and was not heard in person. Also, the whistling sounded as if it were coming from within the mausoleum. Echoing and on one EVP recorder even louder than the investigators themselves!


             Oakland Cemetery. What can we say? If given the opportunity to investigate over night, we believe this place would come alive! If these strange events were happening during the day, then what possibly is going on here at night?  As for being haunted we would have to say maybe, with more research it's definitely possible.... 

Tabernacle Cemetery

Posted by Donald Monroe on May 21, 2010 at 7:48 PM Comments comments (2)

         A secluded graveyard in the woods on the edge of Newton Co. This place has been around for over a hundred years and looks like its been forgotten in time. As for being haunted the entire team agrees there is something going on and simply wants to be alone. Or does it? You see NPS has had the opportunity to become intamate with Tabernacle Cemetery. So far NPS has been there 5 times. At first, there was nothing. But we weren't giving up on this place just yet. Something just felt strange about the place. Like a silent static charge in the air. A few vists later and vuala ! The team expeirements with two EMF detectors, three EVP recorders, video, pictures and the famous "ghost box". There were several clear hits on this ghost box. Clear responses to our questions. First there was a man, low growling voice named Ben. He sencerly wanted us to leave and took a special intrest in NPS investigator Tiffany causing the K-II meter to go off. Mind you, our team runs on a set strict of rules. Speak clearly, never whisper, never cause fake evidence and never go alone. Violation of these rules could result in serious consequences.

                       One visit, and a new member later. There was more. This time multiple. Using the ghost box agian, (since it was so successful last time) a "David" was the one who let us know "there's more than one". A woman with no name takes to NPS member Ron Mahone and yells his name and lets us know of a "John" there after he felt someone touching his forehead.. Upon two occasions  there was a child caught on audio and a few unexplainable pictures were taken. Cold spots seem to surround Ron and one spirit seemed to be agitated with team member Jon. Before we knew it, investigator Tiffany drew a blank. Starring off into space and not speaking and unresponsive. When she came to, she had no recollection that anything had happened. Could this have been a partial possession? On attemption to leave the ghost box would clearly say "WAIT!" several times... 


   My final thoughts on Tabernacle cemetery has to be one thing. Something wierd's goining on here. . . Haunted you ask? We think so... til next time

Heritage Hall

Posted by Donald Monroe on January 20, 2010 at 9:42 PM Comments comments (0)

 Three of our team members recently took a tour of Heritage Hall  in Madison Georgia. Built in 1811 it is a wonderful, beautiful place located on south madison street maintained by the Morgan Co. Historical Society. This place is paranormally intresting becuase of the supposed "ghost of Heritage Hall" Virginia Nisbet. She is said to have deid in 1851 due to child birth complications and theres a is an etching of a woman on the bottom of the fireplace. The figure is believed to be Virginia holding her baby. They claim that in the past there have been many efforts to sand the image away but it just looks like an old, cracked harth they have simply painted over. And why would they "try sanding away" something that brings revenue? It is possible to see the woman BUT we have to remember the power of suggestion can turn our amazing minds on to look and likely find what we've been told to see. A kind of "where's waldo" if you will. To someone whom has never heard of the place the harth would look completely normal. Until told to open thier mind and find a lady holding a baby. For us. We saw it. BUT it's nothing more than simple cracks in a fireplace that drawn a "sketchy" picture.


               We ran two evp recorders and two video cameras. There was nothing apon review. There were no personal experiences. We also talked to our tour guide whos been there for 50 years after the tour. She claims she has NEVER experienced ANYTHING paranormal there. So... Is Heritage Hall haunted? Well, atleast not while we were there. But! maybe you should see for yourself.


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