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Our Mission

    Our mission and goal is to scientifically investigate claims of paranormal activity within and outside our community of Newton County, Georgia. The first priority of our team is to 'debunk'(disprove beyond reasonable doubt) the existence of paranormal activity at a client's residence, place of worship, recreation or business. Newton Paranormal Society takes no religious platform or preference in their investigations. We are open to all belief paths and approach our clients from an honest scientific stand point. Our equipment includes digital cameras, video cameras, voice recorders, electro-magnetic field detectors and other scientific equipment. The evidence gathered from these devices along with documented personal experiences are intensly reviewed upon conclusion of each investigation. Our final goal is to give each client validity to their claims and the information and tools they need to find resolution to the events they have encountered. All investigations are free of charge to the client. All contacts are kept confidential so please don't hesitate to call us and remember to "LIKE" us on Facebook.



 The Bushnell Trail sentry Night Cam is for taking pictures of things that can not be seen by the human eye in low light areas. It runs at 5 mega pixels. It also it runs off 4 D batteries saves all pictures to a 2 gigabite scan disk. There are 20 infared lights and that helps in the paranormal field concidering it is known that ghosts are more easily seen in the infared light spectrum. It is also equipped with a motion sensor that detects motion up to 30 feet away! The perfect ghost hunting tool!



The KII meter - A device used to measure electro-magnetic fields (the regions of space near electric currents, magnets, broadcasting antennas etc.., emitting and electrical current). 

   This can be used in an investigation to detect an excess amount of EM fields that can lead to paranoia, feelings of being watched, nausea,  headache, hallucinations and more... 

      Current theory among paranormal investigators is that anomolous EMF readings -- those for which no obvious natural source can be detected -- may point to the presence of paranormal activity.  This might be because EMF fields are good representations of energy in the environment, and it is thought that paranormal occurrences and anomalous EMF fields are linked.   Many researchers are of the opinion that disembodied spirits 'borrow' or disrupt natural EMF fields as they attempt to manifest, making use of whatever energy they can find.  If this is so, the KII meter and its highly visual display lends itself very well to this research.

                                   The digital voice recorder is probably the most popular and most successful tool used in ghost hunting today. Voice recorders are used to capture EVPs(electronic voice phenominas).
    In a human, sound waves funnel into the ear via the external ear canal and hit the eardrum. Consequently the compression and rarefaction of the wave set this thin membrane in motion, causing the inner ear bones to move. The number of sound pressure level vibrations (sonic waves) per second denotes the frequency. Infrasonic (below hearing), sonic (aural), and ultrasonic (above hearing) frequencies are measured in Hertz (Hz); one Hertz is one cycle wave per second. Specifically in humans, we have a maximum aural range of 12 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

     A good high quality voice recorder can record sound waves beyond our normal hearing range and thus be played back so that we might hear something during investigation-example:a voice below our range of hearing. This is called an electronic voice phenomina.

       EMF detector same as the KII but with a needle instead of LEDS. EMF can be a great tool to help locate possible areas of ghostly or spiritual energy if you approach the matter appropriately, because it is a generally accepted theory that spirits do emit an extremely low frequency EM field (i.e. less than 60 Hz) which commonly registers between 2.0 and 7.0 mG(milligauss) in strength

The basic rule of thumb here for ghost hunters is if the field remains constant, it's artificially generated; if it fluctuates erratically or demonstrates movement, it's "paranormal."In any event, it is very much the responsibility of a good investigator to insure that any logical or plausible explanation is explored before declaring the readings to be attributable to a ghost or spirit energies.



     Hand held video cameras. They are a successful ghost hunters best friend. A good video camera with nightshot allows the camera to operate in low light conditions catching things the human eye or ear normally couldn't.

 An entity, for example, is something that has a distinct, separate existence, though it need not be a material existence.


     The sony handycam hi8 with nightshot. This camera can be used in comination with a tripod and left in a particular setting to document any paranormal events that may occur while the investigators are not present and may later be discovered upon review. If the event appears to be explainable the evidence will be dismissed or and attemt to recreate this event must be conducted.


  The Spirit Box (aka ghost box or franks box). One of the newest peices of equipment and if successful the most impressive.To the untrained eye this peice of equipment appears as a normal am/fm portable radio. But upon modification, a ghost box is what many believe to be the first two-way comminication device between the earthly realm and the spiritual realm.

   In short, ghost boxes create audio bits and white noise that ghosts and/or spirits can then manipulate into forming words – real time two-way communication.

    Radio shacks portable motion detector. This piece of equipment is originally used for stores or home secuity. It uses an infared eye to detect the movement up to 30 feet away and a directional range of 100 degrees. It is said that ghosts can be seen in the infared light spectrum. If the PMD goes off without any known "normal" motion. Then this can be a key piece of evidence providing equipment for investigations. 





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